Digital Health startup HealthOS moves to new office, doubles warehouse space to accommodate growth

HealthOS, a digital health startup with headquarters in Sweden and operations in Dhaka (Bangladesh), announces its relocation to new offices and doubling its warehouse space. The moves support the company’s accelerating growth, with strongly increasing demand from customers and increasing investments into operations and workforce.

Ashraful Alam, CEO for HealthOS in Bangladesh said: “We have been looking forward to this next step in our development for a while now. Our team has grown increasingly during the last months and we are accelerating hiring further – especially for our development teams. Therefore, we needed not only more space, but also new possibilities including additional collaborative spaces and areas for socializing.”

The previous office had been in operation for just over a year. But as the company’s customer base and operations continued to grow, it was time to take things to the next level.

Ashraful further notes: “Along with the move of our office to Dhanmondi, we also invested in doubling our existing warehouse space and opening an additional second distribution center. This opens up new possibilities for our logistics operations, and will help to support our ambitious growth plans for the coming months. Maybe most importantly, this means that we will soon be able to offer even more products and quicker service to our valued customers.”

Running the biggest online supply marketplace for pharmacies in Bangladesh

Founded in 2017, HealthOS started out providing a software solution for hospitals, but has since then changed focus to working primarily towards pharmacies and drug stores. Today, the company runs the biggest online supply marketplace for pharmacies in Bangladesh, serving over 4 000 customers monthly.

By digitizing the supply chain for pharmaceutical and related products, HealthOS helps their customers to buy more conveniently, with quick delivery and increased price transparency. The company’s operations include its own warehouse and delivery fleet, with all processes enabled through smart proprietary software.

On a mission to empower pharmacies and hospitals with modern software

HealthOS wants to accelerate the transition to a future where quality healthcare and medication is accessible and affordable for millions of people. The company develops software solutions and runs tech-enabled operations that drive the digitization of healthcare services and supply chains.

The company employs over 200 people in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and has its corporate headquarters in Sweden. This allows for a unique approach, bringing experience in software design and development, e-Commerce and operations from Sweden – a country that fostered world-leading companies like Skype, Truecaller, Spotify and Klarna – to a huge and quickly evolving market like Bangladesh.